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What is included in a FREE Home Energy Report?

It takes a lot of energy to heat, cool, and operate a home. Most home buyers have no idea how much it will cost them to operate their home once they move in. Current homeowners do not fully understand how much energy and, therefore, money is being wasted by their home. And if they did understand, neither home buyers nor homeowners would know what to do about it.

Your Home Energy Report provided to you by your home inspector will give you a quick understanding of:

     * how much your home will cost to operate;

     * where energy (and, therefore, your money) is being wasted; and

     * what you can do to save energy and increase comfort.

The Home Energy Report lists recommendations for energy upgrades that are specific to the house, as well as an estimate of how much the improvements can reduce its utility bills. The report is based on the data collected, the national average costs for installation of specific energy improvements, and the state’s average for residential utility costs.

Some of the recommendations for energy upgrades are simple for a homeowner to do. Others require more investment and the work of qualified professionals but promise large financial savings over time.

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